1.    All the library user must be a member of ISM Library. They must bring their library cards before entering the library.

2. All the library users are advised to put their signature in the register while entering the library .
3. Library users are advised to keep their all personal belongings at the property counter , except notebooks, while entering the library.
4. A first time and occasional visitors should contact the check point. He/She should produce letter of introducer or his/her identity card of his/her parent organization for entry inside the library. Such visitors who intend to use library for longer period must get permission for the librarian. They are provided with a temporary library card for reading room facilities for certain period.
5. No personal book are allow t take inside the library for use or photocopy. However, they can read their personal books inside the “Reading Room” adjacent to check point at the main gate.
6. Smoking ,spitting and using mobile phone inside library is strictly prohibited . the library users advised to interact with the library staff for further assistance

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